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Oak Hill Free Press


A Short List of Evolutionary Transitional Forms $ 3.50

A whirlwind tour makes it clear that there are plenty of intermediate transitional forms. Common misconceptions are cleared up.

12 pages; bibliography

A Few Sedimentary Problems For Noah's Flood $ 3.00

Explores the hilarious problems than an asteroid impact at Chicxulub presents for Noah's flood. (That was the impact that probably did in the dinosaurs.)

5 pages; short bibliography

Radiometric Dating and Woodmorappe's List of Bad Dates $ 3.00

Here is the ultimate answer to those creationists who list bad radiometric dates as "proof" that the method is no good.

8 pages; bibliography

On Taking the Bible and Noah's Flood Literally $ 3.00

A touch of Babylonian cosmology plus heavy-duty common sense.

Exposes the theological absurdity of Noah's flood.

8 pages; short bibliography / reading list

Errors of Reasoning $ 3.50

Here is a handy list. Throw a little Latin around!

Each error is carefully explained.

10 pages; short bibliography

The Flood $ 2.00

A three-page poem that exposes the moral absurdity of Noah's flood.

3 pages

Calculating Those Odds $ 3.00

A fun tour of the major pitfalls involved in trying to assign a probability to evolution, especially as done by creationists. Written from a novel perspective.

Very handy.

6 pages.

The Bauble Box $ 3.50

A collection of lively, short essays on hell, morality, free will, the problem of evil, Pascal's wager, and reins and brains. Includes a worthy freethinker puzzle and a discussion as to whether Christianity is conducive to morality. One long, fine essay explores the deep meaning of morality. It all ends with my poem Doubt. These works have been published in The Freethought Exchange.

14 pages

Ezekiel's Prophecy of Tyre $3.50

The utter failure of Ezekiel's prophecy is examined in depth, and the usual excuses are taken apart. Here is a clear case of a major Bible prophecy that has failed!

15 pages; bibliography, epistemological note


Bible Errors $ 6.40

A handy booklet that examines several Bible errors in depth, even as it explores the concept of error itself. Catches the sophisticated biblicist where he makes his ultimate, slippery stand.

47 pages; blue paper cover; diskette $ 4.00

Is the Bible the Word of God? $ 0.00

This handsome, elegant booklet by Emmett Fields applies common sense to the Bible. It was originally published in Backlash (the Louisville Area Secular Humanists of Kentucky) as a guide for debating a fundamentalist minister. Emmett has requested that his work be given away, but allows us to recover costs. Thus, if you spend $ 20.00, this fine booklet is yours. A few may receive this booklet in the best tradition - no strings attached.

Common Sense and the Bible $ 6.75

Robert A. Bloomer applies a lot of old-fashioned, common sense to Bible and religion, and presses the case for rational thinking. His highly readable booklet cites numerous verses and covers a lot of territory, including the need for church-state separation. Here is a handy, inexpensive and delightful resource for the freethinker.

56 pages; peach paper cover; diskette $ 4.00

Common Sense Versus the Bible $ 8.90

I have rounded up 15 broad, common sense observations regarding the Bible, carefully honed into 15 lethal weapons! Here is the most obvious kind of proof that the Bible is manmade. The section on Noah's ark (most of chapter 12) is already a favorite of early readers, such as Dan Barker, editor of Freethought Today. You will find some old chestnuts, well done, as well as some surprises.

85 pages; coil-bound; green paper cover; diskette $ 4.00

More Light $ 7.25

From golden yesterdays to handling god stuff, freethought's own Dorothy B. Thompson is a beacon of poetic light. I have selected 60 of her wonderful poems and 28 of her fine pen and ink drawings for this booklet. Her work quite often turns up in a variety of freethought, humanist, and other publications.

63 pages; deep yellow paper cover; diskette $ 4.00

Letters to God $ 4.40

A slim, potent companion to the above work. Dorothy B. Thompson strikes again! 16 poems are presented in the form of letters to God, which finally provoke a letter On High! Sprinkled with excellent pen and ink drawings.

27 pages; rose paper cover; diskette $ 3.00


How Good Are Those Young-Earth Arguments? $ 22.50

(Revised July 1998)

Here is a solid refutation of creationist nonsense, which sports a seven page bibliography. Explodes 30 popular young-earth arguments, not to mention attacks against the carbon-14 dating method and the order of the geologic column. Could light have traveled faster in the past? What about those claims that there is a reasonable way to supply the water for Noah's flood? Were mammoths quick frozen? Some of the answers involve original analysis.

120 pages; plastic cover; massive bibliography, index, appendices, web sites: diskette $ 8.00

The Perfect Mirror? $ 21.00

Here is possibly the best book a lay reader will ever find on Bible contradictions -- an exceptionally attractive and useful book! Darrel Henschell has selected 130 contradictions in their full context and placed them side by side in a double-column format. There is even a chapter on conflicting prophecy! Fat chapter 6, the heart of this book, dissects those standard tricks used in defending biblical inerrancy.

142 pages; plastic cover; selected bibliography, verse and word index; diskette $ 8.00

The Seven Mighty Blows To Traditional Beliefs $ 13.00

A powerful, nontechnical, one-stop supermarket stocked with the reasons why traditional Christianity (and Bible belief) are no longer relevant. Slavish attention to detail makes this fun book an excellent reference work as well! Dr. A.J. Mattill, Jr., received his Ph.D. in New Testament studies and writes a column for the American Rationalist. The largest chapter, on Bible difficulties, is larger than many books! This handbook-sized masterpiece is now coil-bound and opens flat for serious study and copying. Here is a deal for mere peanuts.

For a catalog of works by Dr. Mattill Jr., contact the Flat Woods Free Press
750 Lum Fife Road, Gordo, Alabama 35466-3357

5.4" x 8.5" coil-bound book; 262 pages; index; selected bibliography.

Christianity, Astrology and Myth $ 29.50

Larry argues that Jesus is an entirely mythical being --- essentially another sun/savior god. Whether you agree or not (it is a minority view among scholars), you will find his massive survey of Christianity's pagan roots devastating. Even if only the half of it were true, that part would blow away any pretense of Christian originality. Larry gives the reader some real insight into the sun-god motif, which has greatly influenced how Christians historically viewed Jesus. That is true whether Jesus is made of whole cloth or a historical person shrouded in layers of pagan mythology.

230 pages; plastic cover, massive bibliography; excellent subject/verse index; diskette $ 9.50

Special Sale $ 111.00

Buy all of the titles (diskettes not included) and get them for $ 111.00 instead of $ 144.20

Diskettes can be either ASCII, (DOS Text) or WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows.

Please specify.

Please make your check or money order out to Dave Matson

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