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Affordable Books

1. AN AWESOME TRINITY: CHARVAKA, CELSUS, MESLIER. Fascinating studies of three early, generally overlooked, freethinkers, to whom modern rationalists are much indebted. 37 pp. $3.00 postpaid.

2. THE SEVEN MIGHTY BLOWS TO TRADITIONAL BELIEFS. Second-edition, greatly enlarged. A thorough discussion of the astronomical, biological, archeological, geological, biblical criticism, apocalyptic, and world religions blows. Blows reduces every "revealed religion" to a think-so religion.

"A freethinker's heaven." --William Burns, N. Ireland. 266 pp. With spiral binding, pages lie flat for easy reading. Detailed index. "All for a mere pittance." --Dave Matson, Oak Hill Free Press. $13.00 postpaid.

3. FREETHOUGHT FOCUS. Contains fourteen essays fearlessly focusing on theology, scripture, and science, showing that the latest studies support the arguments of BLOWS. 42 pp. $3.50, postpaid.

4. INGERSOLL ATTACKS THE BIBLE. A summary under twelve headings of the great agnostic's blistering attack on the Bible. "The best piece of literature I have." --Ira Russell, OK. 45 pp. $3.50 ppd.

5. THE ART OF READING THE BIBLE. Probably the only explanation from a freethought viewpoint of seventeen methods of reading the Bible. "A distilled course in Bible interpretation. I consider it a classic." --Dr. William Balkan, The Universalist Herald. 41 pp. $3.50 postpaid.

6. POLLUTED TEXTS AND TRADITIONAL BELIEFS. A unique introduction for non-specialists to the art of textual criticism, setting forth in English hundreds of differences in the biblical manuscripts, organized under twenty-four headings. Proves that the evolution of biblical texts, like the evolution of biological species, is "a mighty blow" to traditional beliefs. 72 pp. $4.00 postpaid.

7. DISPLAYING THE DECALOGUE. Second edition, revised and enlarged. In the present heated controversy over displaying the decalogue in public places, all concerned citizens need to know what the ten commandments really say and mean and what the Bible itself says about the decalogue. Here is proof that the decalogue cannot be the basis of our judicial system and is unworthy of display. Index. 45 pp. $3.50 postpaid.

8. SCRUTINIZING THE SCRIPTURES: STRAIGHT-SHOOTING SCRIPTURAL STUDIES shattering spiritual certainties: "Confusion's Masterpiece" (Genesis 9:18-29); "Looking at Leviticus"; "A Zoo-Full of [Exegetical] Monsters"; and "The ABCs of the Corinthian Correspondence." "You cannot fully understand the Bible unless you have read Scrutinizing the Scriptures. " -- C. Victor Gabriel, NV. Index.
47 pp. $3.50, ppd.

9. A COSMIC CREED FOR THE COMING CENTURY. After "the mighty blows," what's left? This new profession of principles puts rationally defensible beliefs in the place of discredited traditional beliefs. Here is a five-point creed which is consistent with modern knowledge, a map to show us the way to go. Exposition of creed. Conscience check. Redefinitions of traditional concepts. Substitutes for traditional concepts. Affirmations. Commandments. Graces. Conclusion. "That little booklet is increasingly becoming my Bible." --C. Victor Gabriel, NV. 18 pp. $2.00, postage paid.

10. SWEET JESUS: STRAIGHT-SHOOTING SCRIPTURAL STUDIES SCRUTINIZING THE SAVIOR. These thirty startling studies may be the most devastating analysis yet of the words and deeds of the Jesus of the Gospels. Was he a virtuoso of vituperation? a consummate curser? a thief and robber? a liar? an advocate of capital punishment for children? a text-twister? a self-castrated eunuch? a teacher of tyrannical theology? an authorizer of religious persecution? a foe of laughter? a condoner of slavery? an apocalyptic fanatic? Should we today live by his ethical standards? Is the Golden Rule a perfectly fine moral principle? Can informed people today believe what Jesus believed? All this and more for only $7.00 postpaid. 117 pages. Detailed index. With spiral binding, pages lie flat for easy reading.


Here are sixty-one more devastating studies of the Jesus of the Gospels. Since none of these studies is included in the thirty studies of Volume One, both volumes contain ninety-one different studies, more than sufficient to prove that Jesus was not the perfect man and the perfect example to everyone who wants to live life fully. Topics include "Almighty Abba," "Encountering Evangelical Exclusiveness," "Jesus, Prince of Peace or Man of War?," "Prayer in Public Places," "The Self-Centered Savior," "Seven Mistakes of the Messiah," "Three Tall Tales," "Who's in Charge?," and "Worms and Fire: a Double Whammy." Only $10.00, postpaid. 193 pages. Detailed index. Spiral binding.

Above books by A. J. Mattill, Jr. The fabulous Flatwoods ELEVENPACK is only $40.00 postpaid with prepaid order to The Flatwoods Free Press, 750 Lum Fife Road, Gordo, Alabama 35466-3357.

About the Author: A. J. Mattill, Jr. (B.A., University of Chicago; B.D.; Evangelical Theological Seminary; Ph.D; in biblical studies and theology, Vanderbilt University) taught Bible at Berry College, Livingstone College, and Winebrenner Theological Seminary. His articles have appeared in such periodicals as The Journal of Biblical Literature, and The Catholic Biblical Quarterly. He is now a contributing editor of The American Rationalist and a regular contributor to Freethought Perspective. He is included in Who's Who in Hell, an international directory of freethinkers.

Flatwoods Publications are "the most enlightening freethought literature available. I consider A Cosmic Creed for the Coming Century as the most concise and adept summation of higher moral ideals that I have yet encountered. It is short enough that even the most impatient individual will stop to read it, and even the least intellectually gifted will understand it." --Bill Grigg, North Carolina.

"Cosmic Creed --what a great feast of wonderful ideals and moral suggestions!" --Donald L. Ward, California.

"I have read The Seven Mighty Blows to Traditional Beliefs (second edition) through entirely three times. No doubt about it -- each and every word hits the nail right on the head." --Donald L. Ward, California.

"The Seven Mighty Blows is the total destruction of Christianity. Blows is the only book that attacks Christianity from every angle. I now have the one book that says it all." --James A. Worrell, Oklahoma.

"How sweet the two volumes of Sweet Jesus are. It's made to order. This very day I've used pp. 11-13 for a rebuttal to someone who thought Jesus was the greatest moralist ever to walk on water. That particular commentary, along with the rest of your revelations, is a whirlpool that will suck Jesus and his followers under. You've done all of the homework for those of us who want to rebut the admirers of Jesus."

--Bernard Katz, Contributing Editor, The American Rationalist.

"For anyone who thinks Jesus was a nice guy, Sweet Jesus should be mandatory reading." --William Harwood, The Midwest Book Review.

"Sweet Jesus is a masterpiece of information about the fantasies of the Christian religion. You will find it richly enjoyable reading, as well as an incredibly educational source book." --Dorothy B. Thompson, Associate Editor, Freethought Perspective

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