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Common Sense Versus The Bible

by Dave E. Matson
© 1997
Dave E. Matson
Pasadena, California
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The absurd claim of biblical inerrancy dangles before us like a dead, stinking rat. One scarcely requires the in-depth knowledge of the scholar to see that the rat is dead, that the Bible is fully a manmade product. For the thinking, unprejudiced mind, a liberal dose of that rare commodity known as "common sense" will suffice.
— Dave E. Matson

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As editor of The Oak Hill Free Press, I had originally planned to refine and print Robert A. Bloomer's booklet, Common Sense and the Bible. However, as I waded into it I had a powerful vision, and soon I was effectively writing a new booklet! Being the fine gentleman that he is, Bob bowed out of that project so as to give me free rein. In gratitude, I helped Bob revise and print his original work. Thus, we each wound up writing our own book!

Bob's booklet, which covers a wide range of topics related to religion in America and is packed with numerous citations from the Bible, was designed mainly as an inexpensive missive to be sent to fundamentalists and other unfortunate folks. My booklet, inspired by his, identifies a select number of common sense topics and clobbers them but good. Common Sense and the Bible may be obtained by writing to: Robert A. Bloomer, 669 Locust Grove Road, Bonnieville, Kentucky 42713. It is also listed in The Oak Hill Free Press catalog.

In this booklet I present broad, common sense arguments that unmistakably point to a manmade Bible. Questions of authorship and a lengthy cataloging of errors will be left to other works. Common sense is the theme of my booklet. Sprinkled here and there, however, will be little diversions that will take you to a deeper level. This mix appears to be the right formula for a fascinating and useful booklet.

Finally, I want to thank Mr. Bloomer for applying his eagle-eye and catching a number of bugs that would have forever slipped past me.

Dave E. Matson
Pasadena, California
May 22, 1997


  1. Killing, Killing, and More Killing
  2. Super Feats of Brutality and Incompetence
  3. A Supernatural War Criminal
  4. Brutality at Home
  5. Hell: Mindless Brutality at its Worst
  6. Slavery
  7. A God of Foreskins
  8. The Tribal Gods
  9. Silly Laws Attributed to God
  10. Does God Need Praise and Glory?
  11. An Ocean of Contradictions
  12. The Bible Knows Nothing of Science
  13. A Cold Waste of Space
  14. Prophecy in the Bible
  15. The All-Important Matter of Salvation

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Dave Matson, P.O. Box 61274, Pasadena, CA 91116.



The Bible is a river where a mosquito may drink and elephants may bathe. A collection of manuscripts, of poetry, history, song, and moral advice, it is also the work of man. Fallible man wrote the Bible, from beginning to end.

Bible-believers, whose prejudiced minds may shed light in other arenas, have raised up great and hefty volumes to prove that their book is the inerrant word of God. The subtleties of the Greek and Hebrew have been plumbed. Ancient histories have been scrutinized. The concept of error has been turned over and examined on all sides. The earth, itself, has been sifted with Bible in hand. Such minds cannot accept the fact that the Bible is the erroneous work of man. Their fate is to build monuments to the absurd! Great theological castles have been constructed on foundations of shifting sand. Towering edifices of folly, they are, where dogma is king and common sense is anathema!

The subject is deep, and, yet, the working brain immediately sees through it using naught but common sense. What need is there to probe the deep, scholarly wells for subtle clues when far stronger clues are as obvious as desert sunlight? How deeply does the Christian probe the scholarly wells of Islam in order to reject the Koran? And, what of the Vedas? It is a matter of some education and a lot of common sense—of seeing the forest as well as the trees—and that is what this book is all about.

Perhaps you feel that common sense has not looked deep enough. Let me assure you that the deepest findings of mainstream Bible scholarship, in all its wonderous depth, confirm the verdict of common sense. The Bible really is manmade.

Perhaps you place great faith in Bible apologetics, in one of those tomes of folly. Ask yourself why a work of God needs such explaining and defending. One can always quibble over the facts in support of the worst ideas. One can always take refuge in the more improbable arguments. Show me likely arguments, not possible arguments. I want the best conclusions, not thinking built around improbable loopholes and preconceived ideas.

Within the unbiased, educated mind, i.e., the working brain, common sense rules over dogma. Common sense does not require fancy degrees, just a good education and a willingness to see the plain truth before our noses.

Perhaps we should call common sense "uncommon sense" as it is absent from most religious thinking. In any case, I will survey many of those obvious truths that are so invisible to the prejudiced mind of the Bible-believer. Primed with those basic facts, the working brain immediately draws the obvious conclusion: The Bible is the erroneous work of man.

A detailed account of the Bible's many contradictions, failed prophecies, historical errors, moral failures, and scientific absurdities may be found in other works. Our course will be an application of "ordinary" common sense, but it will be sprinkled with special insights.

What should I offer in place of the Bible? That seems to be a favorite question directed towards us skeptics. One might just as well ask, "What might medical science offer us in place of smallpox?" Is it not enough to sweep the lie from truth's path? Do we really want to replace one crutch with another? Perhaps this is a good time to learn how to walk.

Yet, something may be said for a touch of mysticism, a sense of wonder, a vision of something greater than ourselves. William Edelen has written two books, Spirit (1988) and Toward The Mystery, that contain a good deal of wisdom and beauty (Edelen Book, P.O. Box 916, Kenwood, CA 95452). Dr. A. J. Mattill, Jr. has written a booklet that takes a somewhat different approach (The Flatwoods Free Press, Route 2, Box 49, Gordo, Alabama 35466-9516). They could be the door to a new awakening--and without the need to sacrifice your brain.


  1. You seem to have a hatred of the Bible. That shows there is truth in the Bible. For one does not need to prove something is wrong with the Bible, if one did not think of it highly in the first place. You cannot ignore it can you? There in lies the fallacy to your argument. Commonsense will tell you there is something in the Bible. Those who deny it usually go insane like Nietzsche, the German philosopher. For we do not wrestle against flesh & blood but against spiritual wickedness..

  2. Hi Elshaman,
    The truth about Matson is that Satan 'got him' and he is possessed by a very real demon exactly the smae and probably one of those 'immortal' ones that Jesus so regularly cast out during His ministry.
    Everything Matson says about the BIble, God and Jesus is lies so we know that he is speaking Satan's lies.

    1. Well said, spoken by one who is possessed by superstition.